Pregnancy loss, physical abuse, sexual abuse, birth trauma counseling OKC

Have you had some painful experiences that are still haunting you and getting in the way of you being present with life?

  • Grief

    • You've planned for your birth experience for months and months and feel completely disappointed and devastated about the plans falling apart.

    • You keep trying for a baby and continue to struggle with infertility. This experience has lead you to feel inadequate, defective, and in a lot of pain.

    • You're stuck and life has stopped after the tragic heart-break of losing a baby or child

    • You lost a parent or loved one who you desperately wish was still in your life as you become a parent yourself

  • Trauma

    • Your baby was in the NICU fighting for their life, and now the emotions are hitting you hard.

    • You, your baby, or your spouse nearly died during labor and delivery.

    • You've been emotionally, physically, and/or sexually violated and the memories are haunting you in your pregnancy or after you had your baby.

Therapy can help you heal from these terrible experiences so you can enjoy life again.

I love helping moms and dads heal the past so they can fully be present with their children and each other. It is not your fault that you've been through these terrible experiences, and it does not make you weak that you are haunted by them. It makes you a person who has suffered through awful things that just doesn't make sense sometimes, and getting help shows a lot about your strength. The painful emotions from grief and trauma intensifies the more we run away from them. I use well-researched tools to help you heal and feel safe in your body again.

If you're ready to work hard to be free of the painful past so you can be in the present, call me at (405) 310-7713 for a free 15-minute phone consultation