Marriage Counseling for One in OKC

Are you sick of the fighting and not ever being on the same page with each other?

You're living under the same roof but your spouse just feels like a roommate. They don't seem to listen or care enough to support you the way you need. You may feel like they don't understand you or what you're going through anymore. You've tried to bring it up but it just creates more fights and drama and doesn't go anywhere. You can't seem to get on the same page. You feel lonely even when you're with them. That's the worst kind of loneliness. You still love them, but you don't know if you like them very much anymore. You miss the connection you use to have.

Sometimes you think you're just staying together for the kids, but you know this is not the best reason to stay together. You are sick of the fighting and feeling like enemies instead of friends, but you're not ready to throw in the towel either. Your marriage vows still mean a lot to you. You just want things to get better.

The truth about relationships.

Have you heard that it takes two to improve your relationship? Well, there is some truth to this, since you can't improve your marriage if the other person is dead set on divorce. Other than this scenario though, what we see is that if you solely focus on changing how you respond and interact with your spouse, it will surely change their response to you, which will end up shifting your whole relationship. This is as true as the law of gravity. It's painful and difficult at times to look at our part. This is why a lot of people don't want to do this. I don't either. And it sucks every time. But if you're willing to go through this pain, you'll end up recreating that connection you've been desperately missing.

It can also feel unfair that you're the only person working on your relationship. That's why this form of therapy takes a lot of commitment and willingness. Ultimately, you have three options. Just ask yourself, do you want a divorce, to keep things the way they are, or make the relationship better. If your answer is to make the relationship better, then I cannot wait to work with you to show you some of the powerful relationship tools I've learned from Dr. David Burns that have also changed my life. Although there are no guarantees, I've honestly seen relationship satisfaction increase pretty quickly when just one partner changes and use these tools, no matter how long they've been in battle.

Marriage Counseling for One in OKC

Therapy can help you love life with each other again.

I help you reconnect with your spouse so you can have a partner and companion again, instead of just a roommate. Therapy can help you stop the fighting that you're so sick of, get on the same page with healthier communication, and be a team again with parenting your kids. One of my missions is to help couples love life with each other, so their children can see what love and life is all about. Life is just easier when you have someone on your side instead of feeling like you're enemies constantly in battle.If you're committed to working on making your relationship better and ready to reconnect, give me a call at (405) 757-7708 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.