Postpartum Depression Therapy Group, Counseling, OKC, Moore, Norman
Helping moms with postpartum depression work toward feeling like themselves again in 8 weeks.

Did you have a baby and you're...

  • Feeling sad instead of happy and excited?
  • Anxious and wanting to run away from it all?
  • Hopeless and afraid you'll never get better?
  • Ashamed and don't want anyone to know what you're really thinking and feeling?
  • Feeling like you've completely lost yourself?

If yes, this group can help you

  • Connect with other women who just get it.
  • Have a better understanding of what the heck is going on.
  • Learn practical tools to feel better.
  • Feel hopeful about the future and life again
  • Work toward feeling like yourself again before Christmas.
  • Enjoy motherhood and life with your baby and loved ones!
Postpartum Depression Therapy Group OKC, Moore, Norman, Yukon

Group FAQs

  • When? Every Thursday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM for 8 weeks, starting October 26th - December 21st (off for Thanksgiving).
  • Where? My office is in South Oklahoma City on the corner of SW 104th and Penn. Click here for the map and address.
  • Who? I am calling together 5 women, from 2 weeks up to 3 years postpartum, who are dedicated to working hard on their recovery. You must be willing to commit to all 8 weeks of treatment.
  • What is the group size? Only 5 spaces available, ideal for connection and maximum benefit of each group member.
  • Rate: *Holiday Special* for the next 8 weeks, $30 per week. Pay $200 for all 8 weeks up front and save a total of $40.

On-site Childcare

On-site childcare is now provided on an as needed basis for those times when plans with the babysitter falls through. This will help moms be able to focus on group and have a moment of true self-care. A maximum of 4 infants/toddlers are allowed per session for safety reasons. Sara Morrow loves little humans more than most types of humans and is great with them! She has had a lot of experience working at her church childcare and co-op childcare and states she does not mind being pooped on or spit up on. 

Sara - childcare provider, postpartum moms therapy group, OKC, Moore, Norman

Pay in cash or check only. Childcare rates are as follows and the total can be split up among group members:

  • 1 kid, 1 hour - $10
  • 1 kid, 1.5 hours - $12.50
  • 1 kid, 2 hours - $15
  • Additional kids per hour - $5 ($2.5/half hour)

Intake Required

I require an intake session for every potential new client. I want to make sure this group is a good fit for you and you are a good fit with the rest of the group, so everyone can have a meaningful group experience. Total is $125 for the 60-min intake session.

I also require that you bring along your spouse or supportive family member/friend. A 30-min family meeting is complementary and provided to ensure family is on the same page with knowing how to support you with immediate action steps to jumpstart your recovery.

What You're Investing In:

  • 8 weeks of therapy and recovery work, 2 hours per week, a total of 16 treatment hours so that you can work toward feeling like yourself again.
  • Objective assessment of your symptoms at the beginning and end of every session so we can objectively track your progress and recovery.
  • Weekly action plans to transfer skills learned in group to everyday life. Homework has been shown to speed up your recovery.
  • An evidence-based treatment program for postpartum depression and anxiety so that we can apply what works for your specific recovery needs.
    Pregnant and Postpartum Moms Therapy Group OKC

    I am passionate about helping moms heal.

    My name is Thai-An. I am a therapist and mother who has overcome my own struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety. I have facilitated therapy groups for 7 years and love seeing the healing power of connection and TEAM-CBT therapy. I cannot wait to work with you and witness your recovery!

    "Thai An is one of the most gifted and compassionate therapists I know. She has the ability to connect to your inner pain and help you raise up a notch, seeing your circumstances in a different light. When this happens, you will find joy again and have hope for the future, being comfortable in who you are. She does this with evidence-based practice modalities as well as with humor, compassion, and understanding. She, without a doubt, can help you come home to your true self, the place we all long for." - Jill Enevoldsen, LCSW

    Sign up for your intake today using the form below. **Only 5 spaces available** Enrollment is open until October 25th or when the slots fill up.

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    You can also contact me at (405) 757-7708 with your questions.