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Helping moms with postpartum depression feel like themselves again and enjoy life with baby.

Did you have a baby and you're...

  • Feeling sad instead of happy and excited?
  • Anxious, exhausted, and wanting to run away from it all?
  • Hopeless and afraid you'll never get better?
  • Ashamed and don't want anyone to know what you're really thinking and feeling?
  • Feeling like you've completely lost yourself?

If yes, this group can help you

  • Connect with other women who just get it.
  • Have a better understanding of what the heck is going on.
  • Learn practical tools to feel better as soon as possible.
  • Work toward feeling like yourself again so you can be there for your baby.
Postpartum Depression Therapy Group OKC, Moore, Norman, Yukon

Group FAQs

  • When? Thursdays 1:30-3:30 PM. Two full hours of therapy per session.
  • Where? My office is located at the corner of SW 104th and Penn. Here's the address, map, and picture of the building.
  • Who? Women who are 2 weeks to 2 years postpartum who are ready to work toward feeling better.
  • How long? Open group format - this means you come weekly until you feel better. Most see an improvement in their symptoms from the very first session. Almost all get significantly better after the 5th session. Everyone will wrap up with a relapse prevention session before discharge.
  • How much? $50/session, that's $25 per therapy hour. I'm in network with Blue Cross Blue Shields and Health Choice. The first hour is covered by insurance and the 2nd hour will be out-of-pocket.

On-site childcare available for your convenience. Visit my homepage for more info on my childcare provider.

You're Investing In:

  • Two full hours of group therapy per week.
  • Objective assessment of your symptoms at the beginning and end of every session so we can track your progress and recovery to make sure you're getting better.
  • Weekly action plans to transfer skills learned in group to everyday life. The action plan has been shown to speed up recovery in addition to helping people maintain wellness.
  • An evidence-based treatment program for postpartum depression and anxiety so that we can apply what works for your specific needs.
  • A therapist who truly cares about you as a person and is passionate about helping you live a life of joy and connection. I make a point to pay for training and consultation weekly to make sure I'm up to date on the latest tools to help you feel better as soon as possible.
    Pregnant and Postpartum Moms Therapy Group OKC

    I am passionate about helping moms heal and have postpartum wellness.

    My name is Thai-An. I am a therapist and mother who has overcome my own struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety. I have facilitated therapy groups for 7 years and love seeing the healing power of connection and TEAM-CBT. Visit my approach page to learn more about TEAM-CBT. I cannot wait to work with you and witness your recovery!

    "Thai An is one of the most gifted and compassionate therapists I know. She has the ability to connect to your inner pain and help you raise up a notch, seeing your circumstances in a different light. When this happens, you will find joy again and have hope for the future, being comfortable in who you are. She does this with evidence-based practice modalities as well as with humor, compassion, and understanding. She, without a doubt, can help you come home to your true self, the place we all long for." - Jill Enevoldsen, LCSW

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    You can also contact me at (405) 757-7708 with any questions.