TEAM-CBT Training for Maternal Mental Health Therapists

Become a more effective therapist. Help your clients change their lives.

TEAM-CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training Oklahoma

Are you a therapist who…

  • Has been feeling stuck with some of your clients?

  • Wants more tools to help your clients beyond talking about their problems endlessly?

  • Gets frustrated with clients who say they want change, but “yes but” your solutions?

  • Feels burnt out from not seeing results with your clients?

  • Questions whether you’re really helping your clients at all?

TEAM-CBT Training can help you

  • Have an efficient way to measure your clients’ progress every session.

  • Measure the strength of the therapeutic alliance, which we know is a key ingredient to successful therapy.

  • Connect with all of your clients on a deeper level, even the ones who are “borderline” or “difficult.”

  • Learn effective tools to melt away resistance, get unstuck, and move forward in a meaningful way.

  • Have a sense of direction with effectively treating depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and unwanted addictions.

  • Learn over 50 effective methods gathered from over a dozen different schools of therapy to help your clients get the change they deserve.

  • Have fun with therapy, feel more fulfilled, and become more confident helping your clients change their lives.


  • What is TEAM-CBT?

    • You’ve probably used or at least seen the Burns Depression Checklist or the Burns Anxiety Inventory. They were created by psychiatrist Dr. David Burns, who shifted his interests and research from psychopharmacology to psychotherapy in the 1970s. He initally learned CBT from Dr. Aaron Beck, then popularized CBT in the 1980s with his self-help book Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, which has sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Through the years, he has evolved CBT into TEAM-CBT, and I can’t wait to share how life-changing it is with you.

    • T stands for testing, E - empathy, A - agenda setting, and M - methods — the 4 key ingredients for successful therapy. You can look at each letter as a fluid phase of the therapy session. Read my approach page to get the break down of what each phase involves. I highly recommend listening to the Feeling Good Podcasts with Dr. David Burns to get a deeper understanding of this intricate and effective approach. You can search for the podcast on iTunes or any Android podcast player.

  • How is TEAM-CBT different from traditional CBT?

    • TEAM-CBT incorporates a systematic, yet flexible process to set us up for success with our clients.

    • There are tools to help us measure our effectiveness with clients.

    • It ismore relational than traditional CBT, focusing on specific ways to strengthen rapport, warmth, and connection with our clients.

    • The most unique aspect is having motivational, paradoxical tools to help us melt away resistance.

    • The 50+ methods are pulled from over a dozen of schools of therapy, making the tools more diverse and overall increasing our chances of success with finding the ones that will work with each client..

FAQs About Training

  • How much for 1:1 training?

    • $100/hr for therapists under supervision.

    • $125/hr for licensed therapists.

  • How much for the training group?

    • 1-day TEAM-CBT workshops - $129, 6.5 CEUs.

  • Will the trainings offer CEUs?

    • Yes, I am applying for all of my trainings to offer CEUs for LPC, LMFT, LCSW and LADC.

  • Will it count toward my licensure hours?

    • I am not an LPC/LADC supervisor at this time, so this will be extra training to hone your clinical skills in addition to getting your supervision hours.

  • Can I receive TEAM-CBT certficiation from training with you?

    • Yes! All of my training hours with you can count toward your Level 1-3 TEAM-CBT Certification. Cick here for more information on becoming a Certified TEAM-CBT Therapist.

    • The most cost effective route to get Level 1 certification is to do one of Dr. Burns homestudies and read his ebook for therapists. I’d also highly recommend Mike Christensen’s 12-week training workshop for your Level 1 certification. He has been a wonderful trainer and friend. It’s completely worth the investment of time and money.

TEAM-CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training Oklahoma

Hi, my name is Thai-An. I am an LPC/LADC and the first Level 4 Certified TEAM-CBT Therapist and Trainer in Oklahoma. I’m super passionate about spreading this awesome approach to other therapists who serve pregnant and postpartum women. I’ve dedicated my whole practice to serving postpartum women and have seen the vast majority of women who apply the tools I show them feel better. I’d love to take you on this life-changing journey, both professionally and personally, so you can come out the other side more confident and successful in helping your clients change their lives, and maybe even change your own life. I know it’s changed mine.

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