3 Tips for Coping with Pregnancy/Infant Loss - Jill Butler, LMFT


My awesome office mate Jill Butler, LMFT shares her personal story with infant loss and 3 practical ways to begin to cope with this heartbreaking loss.

1) Ask a close friend to be your gatekeeper.

2) Tell your story.

3) Connect with other people who have experienced a pregnancy loss/infant loss.

To learn more about her and her services, visit her website at www.jillbutlercounseling.com

3 Tips for Dealing with Scary Thoughts in Postpartum Depression


Here are 3 ways you can immediately cope with scary thoughts and get some relief during your struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety:

1) Shift your environment and engage your 5 senses

2) Write down your scary thoughts. Rate your anxiety and other emotions from 0-100. Write down what these feelings show about you and your values that's really positive (e.g., my anxiety shows I want to protect my baby from all harm. My shame shows that I really don't want to have these thoughts. I want life to be better, etc.)

3) Imagine a dear friend you really care about is going through the exact same thing you're going through, and they're feeling the same negative feelings about themselves. Write down what you would say to them.

4 More Types of Scary Thoughts in Postpartum Women


According to postpartum expert Karen Kleinman, MSW, there are 5 types of scary thoughts typically seen in postpartum women. In the previous videos, I've discussed obsessive/intrusive thoughts:

What Are Intrusive Thoughts?

7 Most Common Types of Intrusive Thoughts in Postpartum Women & Men

Watch this video to learn about 4 more types of scary thoughts typically seen in postpartum women. You may relate to one or all of the thoughts:

  1. Over-worrying

  2. Rumination

  3. Intrusive Memories

  4. Catastrophic Misinterpretations of Bodily Sensations


7 Most Common Types of Intrusive Thoughts in New Moms & Dads


In this video, learn the 7 categories of common obsessive, intrusive thoughts found in postpartum women and men. They are a common symptom of postpartum anxiety and postpartum OCD, and while they feel frightening and intense, are completely treatable.

They include thoughts of:

  1. suffocation/sudden infant death (SIDS)

  2. accidents

  3. ideas or urges of intentional harm

  4. losing the baby

  5. illness

  6. unacceptable sexual thoughts

  7. contamination


What Are Intrusive Thoughts?

What Are Intrusive Thoughts?

Did you develop thoughts that scare you after having your baby?

Intrusive thoughts are one of the most common postpartum symptoms for new moms and dads. Yet, they are also the most misunderstood, even by healthcare professionals. The shame that they create lead us to hide and suffer alone. Many are scared to share with healthcare professionals for fear of their child getting taken away. Most of the women I work with don't even tell their partners about this symptom. 

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