Frequently Asked Questions

Prenatal and Postpartum Depression Counseling for OKC, Moore, Norman

How much will therapy with you cost?

  • Individual therapy sessions - $125 per 60-minute session.
  • Group therapy sessions - $30 per 2-hour session each week, payment package for cheaper rate included for the holidays. Visit my group page for more information. With my individual caseload filling up, I am able to cater my group to moms in need. I purposely made the price cheaper that most co-pays at $15/group therapy hour.

Do you offer lower-fee sessions?

Yes! I have a limited number of lower-fee slots through Open Path Collective for $45 per 60-minute session. Intake session is $75. Open Path is a nonprofit organization that helps people find affordable psychotherapy services. You will pay a one-time $49 membership fee which will allow you to work with any Open Path therapist at an affordable rate for the rest of your life (sessions cannot be charged more than $50/hour). These slots are limited, so feel free to call me to see if any are available.

How long will I be in therapy?

I am dedicated to practicing the best evidence-based treatment approaches to not just help you cope but to help you change your life. I want to teach you to become your own therapist so you can kick me out of your life and get back to living as soon as possible. Duration of treatment depends on a variety of factors, especially your level of willingness to dive in and engage in our work together. Investing more time on the front-end also helps. I can't ethically make promises about your recovery, but I can say that currently, my postpartum clients recovered after 6-9 double sessions.

 With TEAM-CBT, double and triple sessions can be extremely effective and speed up recovery, even if it's every other week for my clients who cannot afford weekly double sessions. Dr. Burns has found that extended sessions, more frequent sessions per week, and intensives often work far more quickly and can have long-lasting effects. If you’d like to set up an extended session or intensive treatment, let me know. Surprisingly, intensive treatment can reduce the cost of treatment overall, since the rate of recovery may be much faster. For more information, see my services page.

Do you take my insurance?

I am an out-of-network provider for most insurances. I can now officially take Health Choice clients and Blue Cross Blue Shields is pending. For my out-of-network clients, I can provide you a superbill to give to your insurance company for reimbursement. The percentage of reimbursement depends on your insurance, which I've seen range from as low as $30 back to as high as $93. I recommend using to help you with the reimbursement process if you don't want to deal with the hassle of communicating with your insurance company. They know all the right questions to ask and will not get paid unless you get paid, which will be 10% of whatever is reimbursed to you.

Why don't you take most insurance?

I want therapy to be between you and me and want my practice to have as much freedom as possible. While it drives me crazy to have an insurance company dictate what therapy services I can provide, how long I can see you, having to give you a diagnosis to get paid, etc.,  I've also had so many people call who I wanted to help who could only afford to use their insurance. This is why I've created a lower-fee group and ended up selling my soul to Health Choice and Blue Cross Blue Shields. I get a lot of freedom in determining the services I provide from being mostly an out-of-network provider. I find that I do my best work through extended individual sessions and group therapy, which insurance often does not cover. 

I honestly do not want therapy to be a major financial burden on you though, so I will be glad to help you find a therapist who is a better fit for you financially. My promise is to find a therapist for every single person who calls. Whether it is with me or someone else, I want people to get help as soon as they are ready. By the time they call, they've been ready for a while. I know. I've been there!

You've been to therapy?

Heck yes! Life happens to all of us. I truly believe in getting help and additional support when life throws us those curve balls. I also believe that it helps me become a better therapist for you. I embrace shedding the stigma surrounding getting help. It feels vulnerable and scary for me to share about too, due to fear of judgment, but it takes a lot of courage to get help, and your well-being is worth the investment.

Are you Chinese?

No, I'm Vietnamese.

Are you Korean?

No. Vietnamese.

How do you pronounce your funky Vietnamese name?

Thai-An is pronounced "tie-anne." My husband's niece remembers my name by thinking of "anti." She said, "so your name is Thai-An, like anti, like in anti-gravity, but backwards." Swap the syllables for An-Ti => Ti-An. Genius!

In Vietnamese, Thai means big or great, and An means peace. I guess my dad was sick of the craziness after the war and imprisonment and wanted some peace in his life. My name was also inspired by my mom's name, which is Thai-Lan. Yes, like the country Thailand.

Are you from Thailand?

No! I'm from Viet Nam. We came to America when I was 5 though, so this is the only home I really know. We came straight to Yukon, Oklahoma, in the middle of winter, to my aunt's trailer home, on a farm. Hell no, it was not my vision of America! Interesting historical fact: the Bush senior administration allowed Viet Nam POWs who were imprisoned for 3 or more years to come to America with their immediate family. So from my dad's suffering, we gained this opportunity to have a new life. We are truly grateful.

So why is my mom named after the country Thailand? Her parents wanted some diversity in their lives (or were smoking something) and named their 9 children after 9 different countries from around the world, and my mom ended up with Thailand (Thái Lan). This means I have an Uncle England (Anh), Aunt Russia (Nga), Aunt Germany (Đức), Aunt Italy (Ý), Uncle America (Mỹ), Uncle China (Tầu), Aunt Japan (Nhật), and an Uncle France (Tây). Fun right?

Well, that's all the questions I can think of right now that I get asked. Call me at (405) 757-7708 or email me if you have any other questions! That will help me have some more good stuff to throw on this page for you. I'd love the chance to be a part of your recovery!