Free Support Group for Pregnancy & Postpartum Depression in Oklahoma

Free Support Group for Pregnancy & Postpartum Depression in Oklahoma

Are you a pregnant or new parent who is:

  • Feeling sad instead of excited about pregnancy or motherhood/fatherhood?
  • Keeping your sadness to yourself because you should feel excited and grateful?
  • Looking for ways to lower the risk of developing postpartum depression and anxiety?
  • Feeling like you have completely lost yourself and wondering if you have postpartum depression and anxiety at this moment?
  • Getting more frustrated and irritable about the whole situation?
  • Wishing you had a support system of local Oklahoman parents who get it?

This support group is for you! You just need a Facebook account and the willingness to provide feedback and support to other members to join. Answer a couple of screening questions about your goal for joining the group and your willingness to participate and you're in!

This group will provide:

  • Connection with local Oklahoman parents who understand the sadness, fears, anger, and all your other human emotions.
  • Education on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) and drug-free ways to overcome your struggle.
  • Professionals who can answer your questions on mental health, the birthing process, breastfeeding issues, and much more
  • Local resources that can help make your pregnancy and postpartum journey easier.

We have 165 Oklahoman pregnant and postpartum moms in the group and one brave dad daring to swim in this pool of estrogen. We gladly open our group to support dads too, who are often forgotten or excluded in this process!

You don't have to suffer alone!

Through my postpartum struggle, I felt scared, ashamed, and completely alone. I wished for some local support through the worst of it all. I have now created the Oklahoma Pregnancy & Postpartum Support group for any pregnant or postpartum parent who is wanting support, education, and information on resources that can help them feel like themselves again. Loved ones wanting more information to support their suffering family member are also welcome to join.

Did I mention it is completely FREE to join?!

While the main focus is mental health, my friends from the OKC Metro Birth Professionals are available to answer questions on the birthing process, breastfeeding, and other prenatal and postpartum issues, which all have an impact on mental health and wellness.

Here is the link again to join: Oklahoma Pregnancy & Postpartum Support. Feel free to share with any pregnant or postpartum parent you think can benefit. Let's support each other through this exciting and oftentimes challenging journey of pregnancy and parenthood!

For tips and techniques to feel like yourself again, click here for exclusive access to my free guide and 4-day e-course for overcoming postpartum depression and anxiety.

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Hi, I'm Thai-An. I'm a postpartum therapist and mother who is passionate about helping pregnant and postpartum parents overcome depression and anxiety so they can feel like themselves again and enjoy life with their baby and family. After overcoming my own battle with postpartum depression and anxiety, I opened Lasting Change Therapy, LLC in South Oklahoma City to dedicate my counseling practice to helping families have postpartum recovery and wellness, and I love it!