Treatment Approach: TEAM-CBT & EMDR


In my 7 years of conducting therapy, I've been on a mission to find the best treatment approaches to helping people change their lives. I feel like I've found it in Dr. David Burns' TEAM-CBT (a.k.a TEAM therapy). I've been trained in a variety of approaches to treat depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and habits and addictions, but the most powerful approach has been TEAM-CBT .

You've probably heard of CBT, which is cognitive-behavioral therapy. TEAM-CBT is coined "CBT on steroids" because in addition to powerful original techniques developed by Dr. Burns, it also incorporates effective tools from 12-14 other evidence-based therapies to create an innovative, effective model. It  is not a one-size-fits-all approach and pulls from many different techniques to find the ones that will help you change your life.

What is the TEAM part in TEAM-CBT?

TEAM stands for testing, empathy, agenda setting, and methods -- all the effective components that have been shown by research to really work in creating change and producing lasting results.

  • Testing - I use Dr. Burns' brief mood survey before and after ever single session to assess your symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, positive feelings, and relationship satisfaction. I also assess how our relationship and how effective the session was for you. This keeps me accountable and allows you a chance to provide feedback about our work together after every session.
  • Empathy - As human beings who care for one another, we often fall into the trap of trying to help, give advice, and problem-solve. This often makes people feel invalidated, at times frustrated, or even patronized. With TEAM-CBT, we've been trained to use advance empathy skills to truly go to that dark place with you and have a deep understanding of your experience. This actually has a powerful effect on healing in and of itself.
  • Agenda Setting - This is a complicated step to try to explain in a few sentences, but we work together to identify what you'd like to specifically change in your life, then we use some motivational techniques to melt away the part of you that may have been hesitant or scared to change, often for good reasons.
  • Methods - Once we have a clear agenda, we dive into going through over 50 powerful techniques, failing as quickly as possible, until we find the ones that will help you have a gut level change in your thoughts, mood, and life.

I love this therapy approach for so many reasons, but a major reason is that it honors the human being, then also because it works! Of course, there are no guarantees with any approach for every single person, but my clients and I have been impressed with the results of TEAM therapy. To this date, I can honestly say I have seen all of my postpartum clients recover, even ones who have tried other forms of therapy in the past without luck. And yes, even ones who have suffered for over a year and thought they were a hopeless case. Every session serves a productive purpose that will eventually move you toward real and lasting change. This is why I named my practice Lasting Change Therapy, LLC.

I am currently the only certified TEAM-CBT therapist in Oklahoma. I love TEAM-CBT so much that my dream is to eventually spread it across the state and provide trainings to other therapists. You can listen to Dr. David Burns' Feeling Good Podcast for some great, in-depth information on TEAM-CBT, in addition to hearing some very moving, live demonstrations of him using the approach to heal real people who are suffering. You can also watch his TED talk, he's awesome.


I am also trained in EMDR (eye-movement, desensitization and reprocessing--I know, it's a mouthful). I love having this extra tool to complement TEAM therapy and can use it to help people heal from anxiety and depression caused by past trauma, including birth trauma and other past terrible experiences you've been through. If they still haunt you today and prevent you from being present with your loved ones and life, EMDR can be a good treatment option. I've found that EMDR is even more effective when combined with TEAM therapy. I will work hard with you to heal these past wounds so you can move on with your life and actually enjoy it.


My TEAM Therapist certificate is a bit wrinkly. My toddler got a hold of it.

TEAM-CBT Therapy in OKC
EMDR Therapy South OKC

Here's my EMDR certificate from the EMDR Institute with the fancy schmancy Francine Shapiro gold seal. She's the creator of EMDR.  

Life is too short to not have some fun while we're at it!

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