Treatment Approach: TEAM-CBT & EMDR


I've often found that a good amount of people were able to get better with therapy, but a good amount were still stuck. I've been on a mission to explore how to get people unstuck so they can get to bettering their lives. I feel like I've found the solution through  Dr. David Burns' TEAM-CBT (a.k.a TEAM therapy). I've been trained in a variety of approaches to treat depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and habits and addictions, but the most powerful approach has been TEAM-CBT .

You've probably heard of CBT, which is cognitive-behavioral therapy. TEAM-CBT is coined "CBT on steroids" because in addition to powerful original techniques developed by Dr. Burns, it also incorporates effective tools from 12-14 other evidence-based therapies to create an innovative, effective model. TEAM stands for testing, empathy, agenda setting, and methods -- all the effective components that have been shown by research to really work in creating change and producing lasting results.

I had to get certified once I learned about it. I love TEAM therapy and how it gets people the results they want in their lives. Of course, there are no guarantees with any approach for every single person, but my clients and I have been impressed with the results of TEAM therapy. You will not feel like you are talking around in circles, which can happen with traditional talk therapy. Instead, every session serves a productive purpose that will eventually move you toward real and lasting change. This is why I named my practice Lasting Change Therapy, LLC.

I love TEAM therapy so much that my dream is to eventually open up a group practice with all certified TEAM therapists to serve our OKC community. You can read more about TEAM therapy here from the man himself. Watch his TED talk, he's awesome.


I am also trained in EMDR (eye-movement, desensitization and reprocessing--I know, it's a mouthful). I love having this extra tool to complement TEAM therapy and can use it to help people heal from anxiety and depression caused by past trauma. I've found that EMDR is even more effective when combined with TEAM therapy. I will work hard with my clients to help them create lasting change in their lives.


My TEAM Therapist certificate is a bit wrinkly. My toddler got a hold of it.

TEAM-CBT Therapy in OKC
EMDR Therapy South OKC

Here's my EMDR certificate from the EMDR Institute with the fancy schmancy Francine Shapiro gold seal. She's the creator of EMDR.  

Therapy Services

Individual Therapy - I meet with you one-on-one. Online and in-person sessions are available for your convenience. Most therapists schedule 50-minute sessions once a week, but there’s no research that shows this is the best way to get results. Length of session has typically been determined by insurance companies. With TEAM-CBT, double and triple sessions can be extremely effective and speed up recovery. Dr. David Burns has found that extended sessions, more frequent sessions per week, and intensives often work far more quickly and can have long-lasting effects. If you’d like to set up an extended session or intensive treatment, let me know.

  • Intake session - 90 minutes - the first session involves going through a lot of necessary paperwork. Including thoroughly assessing where you're at on depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, anger, relationships satisfaction, etc. Although this is an important step to help me fully understand your struggle, I look forward to getting through it so we can get to your treatment, which is why you're coming to see me.
  • Single session - 60 minutes - my sessions are at least 60 minutes. I often feel like 45-50 minutes is not long enough to meet your needs with the approach that I use.
  • Extended session - double sessions (2 hours) or triple sessions (3 hours) for faster results. I do my best work with extended sessions. I encourage scheduling double sessions every other week if weekly double sessions is not a fit for you financially or time-wise. 
  • Intensives - Double sessions scheduled more than once per day or more than once per week for faster results in a shorter amount of time. Surprisingly, intensive treatment can reduce the cost of treatment overall, since the rate of recovery may be much faster.

Individual Rate is $125 per 60-minute session. Learn more about lower-fee sessions on my FAQs page

Group Therapy/Support Groups - I love the power of group therapy and how it can help people find connections, get support, normalize their struggles, gain insight, and ultimately recover. I've been running therapy groups for over 7 years, and I just love them. It's almost spiritual getting a group of people together to share their most vulnerable experiences and gain strength and healing from each other. Group sessions are 90 minutes long with no more than 6 participants. I've found that this is the magic number to ensure everyone gets their time to share, process, and practice the skills taught in group.

Group Rate is $50/week for a 90-minute session or $180/month ($20 monthly savings).

*An intake is required to make sure the group is a good fit for you and you are a good fit for the group. Click here to learn more about the Pregnant and Postpartum Moms Therapy Group

Life is too short to not have some fun while we're at it!

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