Resources for Pregnant and Postpartum Families in Oklahoma

Free Screening

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Support Groups and Other Mom Groups

  • Oklahoma Pregnancy & Postpartum Support - A FREE online Facebook group with local pregnant and postpartum moms. We are offering a "sistership" program where women currently struggling with postpartum issues can connect with a "big sister" figure for support and mentorship through their early motherhood journey.
  • #MomsRockingFirstYears Therapy Group. Ran by Charlotte Demarais, LPC-S, LMFT in central OKC. Tuesdays 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM.
  • Infant Massage Group with therapist Amanda Heaney, LPC. Starts July 30th, every Tuesday. Great for socialization with other moms and improving baby's health/attachment. Contact Amanda at (405) 259-7443 or for more information.
  • This is Motherhood - A FREE support group on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at the Ardmore Public Library lead by therapist Felicia Hurst, LPC.
  • Online PSI Support Meetings - Postpartum online support, little to no cost, pay what you can.
  • Calm Waters: Free support groups for infant loss; free grief and divorce groups for children and their caregivers (OKC).

Medication Management

  • Moore - Balance Women's Health - Rachel Dalthorp, MD (Psychiatrist)
  • Norman - Dr. Patrick Ellis (Psychiatrist)
    • Contact: (405) 701-5666
    • Dr. Ellis is an integrative psychiatrist who has a mission to promote mental health and wellness through the appropriate use of medication, medical supplements, nutrition and mind-body approaches.
  • Norman and Edmond - Netri (Ri) Teref-Ta APRN-CNM, CNHP, Naturopath
    • Contact: (405) 343-6793
    • Ri can prescribe medications in addition to providing highly personalized care with the assistance of supplements, herbs, homeopathy, muscle response testing, iridology and many other natural health modalities.
  • Tulsa - Kim Kmita, APRN-CNM
    • Kim's website
    • Contact: (918) 858-0008
    • Kim is a nurse practitioner and midwife who has come highly recommended due to her passion and the quality of care she provides women.
  • Contact your psychiatrist, OB-GYN, or primary care physician.
  • MotherToBaby - Learn about medication exposures and other exposures from mother to baby while pregnant or breastfeeding from experts in the field. (FREE)

Doulas, Midwifery, and Other Services to Support Mom before, during, and after Birth.

Breastfeeding Help

Inpatient Care

  • Phoenix Women's Program at Cedar Ridge - Bethany
    • Website:
    • Contact: (405) 605-6111
    • It will be important to get inpatient treatment if you are:
      • Suicidal, with a desire and plan to end your life
      • Experiencing manic symptoms: rapid speech, not sleeping for over 48 hours, impulsive behavior, religious fixation, etc
      • Experiencing sychotic symptoms: hearing or seeing things others aren't, having bizarre beliefs/delusions.
    • While Cedar Ridge does not have a good reputation in general if you look up their reviews, I was impressed with their Phoenix Women's Program. I really liked that it was an all women's unit, is more focused on therapy and less on "drugging up" the patients, and has a longer average stay than most adult units in the state. I also appreciated how it will accommodate a breastfeeding mom and allow her more frequent daily visits with her baby.

Residential Treatment for Chemical Dependency and Addiction for Women

  • Jordan's Crossing - South OKC
    • Website:
    • Contact: (405) 604-9644
    • This program is completely free for women wanting to get sober from alcohol and other drugs, so there is often a waiting list. Pregnant and postpartum women get priority for admission into the program. Dependent children can stay with mom in the facility as well. This is an all women's program and can be life saving for moms and their children.

Chiropractic Services

Fitness & Exercise Groups

Childbirth & Parenting Education

  • Parent PRO
    • Contact: (877) 271-7611
    • Website:
    • This is a wonderful free and local resource that will come to your home for pregnancy education, parenting education, and support.
  • Kaitlin Lee, AAHCC
  • Positive Parenting Solutions
    • Webiste:
    • Facebook:
    • Parenting now comes with a quality manual. There are practical tools to effectively address everyday struggles with your kids from age 2.5-16. I love this course and bought it for myself. I'd highly recommend it. Check on the free webinars on their Facebook Page to see if it connects with you before investing.


  • Dr. Kat - Mom and Mind
    • A podcast dedicated to maternal mental health, shedding stigma with personal postpartum stories, and resources.
  • Dr. David Burns - Feeling Good
    • An awesome podcast for therapists and the general public alike on effective and innovative tools for treating depression and anxiety, specifically using TEAM-CBT.

Great Self-Help Books

By Karen Kleiman
By Karen R. Kleiman, Valerie Davis Raskin M.D.
By Karen Kleiman, Amy Wenzel
By Karen Kleiman
By Sally M. Winston PsyD, Martin N. Seif PhD
By David D. Burns M.D.
By David D. Burns
By David D. Burns