How to Find a Therapist for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety in OKC

Looking for the right therapist can be a pretty overwhelming process, especially when you're already struggling with focus, concentration, and decision-making during your postpartum struggle.

Where to Begin?

For tips and techniques to feel like yourself again, click here for exclusive access to my free guide and 4-day e-course for overcoming postpartum depression and anxiety. 

If you want to move beyond self-help into getting professional help, visit my resource page. I've listed all the therapists who have been trained to treat postpartum depression and anxiety and have a passion for this work.  There's even a free counseling resource in there that specializes in treating perinatal issues. You do not have to suffer if you can't pay for treatment! Contact me if none of us work out for you, especially with your insurance or location, and I will make a point to find you someone who could be a good fit for you.

Pick Up the Phone and Give Them a Call

I encourage people to actually get on the phone and call several potential therapists. It's a lot like dating. You will get a lot about the other person from the phone conversation. You'll probably be able to pick up right away if someone is not a good fit. You'll also pick up on whether they feel like the one for you when they express warmth, a genuine interest in you, and some sense of expertise about your struggle.

You'll probably have to communicate with a few before you find "the one." Then, you may have thought you found the one, and it didn't work out. My hope is that you don't judge all the fish in the sea based on one fish you've encountered.

Again, just like with dating, don't write off the whole process if it didn't work out with one person, or even the first couple. Just know every break up will move you closer to the one who is right for you, as long as you don't give up on the process. Try a different therapist with a different approach. We're definitely not all the same.

Some Good Questions to Ask Your Potential Therapist

Here is a list of good questions to ask to make sure your potential therapist is a good fit for you:

  • What methods do you use to treat postpartum depression and anxiety?
  • How effective are those methods?
  • Do you think you can help me and why?
  • Have you worked with people with my issues before and what was the outcome?
  • How long do you expect I will be in therapy?

    I know it takes a lot of courage to take this step to help yourself, but I truly believe that therapy can change your life when you find the right therapist for you. It's one of those things that you need but none of us want to do. You deserve to stop suffering and to feel better. The faster you get the right help, the sooner you'll recover. It's often hard to believe that anything can help when you're in that dark place, but I know first hand that recovery is just a few solid action steps away.

    For tips and techniques to feel like yourself again, click here for exclusive access to my free guide and 4-day e-course for overcoming postpartum depression and anxiety. My resource page has some excellent self-help resources at the bottom as well.

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    Hi, I'm Thai-An. I'm a postpartum therapist and mother who is passionate about helping pregnant and postpartum parents overcome depression and anxiety so they can feel like themselves again and enjoy life with their baby and family. After overcoming my own battle with postpartum depression and anxiety, I opened Lasting Change Therapy, LLC in South Oklahoma City to dedicate my counseling practice to helping families have postpartum recovery and wellness, and I love it!