Pregnancy and Postpartum depression counseling OKC, Moore, Norman

You're pregnant or you just had a baby, and it is supposed to be the happiest time of your life, but

  • You feel sad and hopeless instead of happy.

  • You don't enjoy life right now.

  • You feel worried and exhausted instead of excited.

  • You're overwhelmed and terrified of your new role as a mother or father.

  • You cannot quiet your mind to sleep.

  • You miss your old life and don't know what happened to you.

  • You just want to run away from it all.

  • You hate yourself for feeling this way.

  • You may even have some scary thoughts that you don't want anyone to know about.

  • You feel like you have completely lost yourself, and you know something is wrong.

Therapy can help you find yourself again. The sooner you get the right help, the faster you will recover.

I help pregnant and new moms and dads feel like themselves again so they can get to living and loving life with their baby and family. Therapy can help you better understand your struggles, learn practical tools to improve your mood, and enjoy motherhood and life. Getting help when you're seeing symptoms of depression and anxiety while pregnant can help to lower the risk of developing postpartum issues. Overall, the sooner you get the right help, the faster you will recover.

 I have been through my own personal struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety, and I know first hand that you can heal and enjoy life again. As hard as it is to believe when you're struggling right now, your suffering will not last forever, and you can recover. Research shows that the sooner you get the right help, the faster you will recover. I'd love to help you on your journey to healing. Call me at (405) 310-7713 for a free 15-minute consultation or email me with any questions. Start feeling like yourself again and be the mother or father you've wanted to be for your baby.